The Secret to a Speedy Orthodontic Appointment

At Lineberry Orthodontics Dr. Laura uses a technique called Indirect Bonding.   Our patients love Indirect Bonding because it means the appointment is half as long and the results are twice as precise! How does she do it?  It all starts with a patient’s model of their mouth.  Using the model, Dr. Laura carefully and precisely places the brackets on the model teeth.  This is a more accurate procedure than placing brackets on a wet, moving, partially open mouth.  Once Dr. Laura has the perfect arrangement, her lab technician Kim, builds a clear tray to hold the brackets in place.  When the patient arrives at their appointment, the assistant simply adds glue and slips the tray over the
patient’s teeth.  Within 5 minutes, all 28 brackets are placed. So, next time you see Dr. Laura sitting in her office with a plaster model and dental tool in hand, you’ll know she is busy getting someone’s braces just right so they can be in and out with a quick orthodontist appointment and their new braces are perfectly placed!