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Meet Kelli: Runner Extraordinaire!

February 6th, 2020

One of the smiling faces at Lineberry Orthodontics is our assistant, Kelli  Crocker.  For the past 8 years she has been helping transform smiles for kids and adults alike with Dr. Laura.
In her free time, she runs and runs and runs.  Seriously!  She has completed over 15 races LONGER than a marathon.  She runs Ultra’s (31 miles) and has completed a couple 50- milers.   Right now she is preparing for a 24 hour race at Eagle Island.  The race starts at 6 PM on a Friday night and races as long as possible for 24 hours.  Kelli plans to get 50 miles done by morning so she can take a little rest as the sun comes up before she runs an additional 10-20 miles to finish.   Kelli is the real deal when it comes to tough!
When she is not running, she likes spending time with her husband Mike and three dogs, Dexter, Dooley, and Dugan.

4 New Puppies at the Office

January 16th, 2020

Welcome Beau!  This darling new puppy is at Dr. Laura's house; isn't she lucky?  The puppy was a Christmas gift for her daughter Payton and will serve as a service dog.  Payton and the entire family is thrilled!

Welcome Prim and Blue!  These cute puppies are sisters and belong to sisters!  Both Hailey and Abby work as assistants at Lineberry Orthodontics.  After they work on your smiles, they are running home to be puppy moms!  We are all enjoying watching the puppies make us smile:)

Thank you for BEE-ING Great Referrers!

January 1st, 2020

Thank you to all those who referred your friends, family or co-workers to Lineberry Orthodontics last month:

London Walker
Felicia Reaves
Jadene Palmer
Natasha King

Thank you!  We are  BUZZING with excitement!


Lobby Artwork Debut

December 19th, 2019

Check out our new artwork in our lobby.  This fun grouping was made by Work of Art.  It is a program run by the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation where teens living with disabilities have an opportunity to make money doing artwork for local businesses.  My daughter Payton participated in the program and loved it.  The group met twice a week with a professional artist to create artwork as a design team.   As they worked, they learned to fill out a time sheet, balance a checkbook, communicate, and meet deadlines—all important  pre-employment skills.  The final event was an art show, where the design team displayed all their rough work and the final masterpiece.    Since my office commissioned the project, we hosted the art show in our lobby.  It was a delight to see the artists and their parents all celebrating their accomplishment.   It is also really nice to have fun signage that lets our patients know where the coffee and ice cream bar are located; great work Payton and team!