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"Dabbing" Into Braces

August 22nd, 2019

We dabbed our way into braces, congratulations buddy we’re so excited for you and all our new faces in braces!


Payette Office Opens

August 15th, 2019

June 26th was our first day at the new office in Payette.  It is so fun to be back practicing in my home town.  Coming home feels great!    I was so glad to have many of my team with me to kick things off right.  A big thank you to Kelli, Melissa, Hailey, Rayo, and of course my hubby David.  You guys all helped make this a special day! Thank you.


Meet Kim, Our On-Site Lab Technician and Artist

August 2nd, 2019

Meet Kim, our very own Lineberry Orthodontics lab technician.   What does “very own lab technician” mean? It means Kim works here in our office, offering many benefits for you the patient.  First, it means quick turn around on retainers, appliances, and anything we need to build for your mouth.  Quick often means—same appointment.  For example, we can take impressions for your retainer and then  you can walk out the door an hour later with your new retainer in hand!    Having Kim also means better, more precise treatment for your smile.  Dr. Laura and our assistants can walk across the hall to collaborate on any patient’s smile any time.  This is much better communication than an email, voicemail, or trying to describe something over the phone. With Kim onsite, great communication enhances your patient experience.  And, finally….one of my favorite reasons to have Kim on site is you get to create fun designs with your unique retainer.  Kim is a graduate of Boise State with bachelors of Fine Art; she calls herself a “lab artist” creating functional art.   She loves to create ladybug, watermelon, tie-dye, or any custom retainers  you come up with.  She loves her part in getting your braces off  and making it a  celebration!

When Kim is not at Lineberry creating beautiful and functional appliances, she loves spending time outdoors…especially with her family at her cabin in McCall.   She is also getting ready to welcome her first grandchild into the family this December.  We love you Kim and are so glad to have you on our team!


Lineberry Patient, Cydney Ziegler, Scores Big

July 16th, 2019

Check out  our patient Cydney Ziegler score a goal in the Far West Regional competition in June!  She helped her team, the Thorns, come from behind to tie up the game.  The game remained tied forcing both teams into overtime and then to a shootout  for the win over the Utah Celtics. This makes the Thorns one of only three Idaho teams to advance to Nationals in the past 4 years.  Way to go Cydney!  We are proud of you and will be cheering you on as you head to nationals.

Photo, courtesy of the Idaho Statesman