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“Lineberry Orthodontics is amazing! Dr. Laura gives you the advice you need during treatment and always has a smile on her face. Everyone there is super nice and you get to see the sweetest pup ever, Prim. I highly recommend Lineberry Orthodontics to anyone who may need treatment.” – Kelsey, age 10, November 2021

“I think that it was a five star rating because they have the best methods and they make sure you are comfortable and they make sure you know how to do everything right and they want your teeth took look better every time you go in and they are happy every time. I have never seen a job that they are that happy and that is why I give a five star rating.” – Trever, age 13, October 2021

“They are all so kind and welcoming from checking in to checking out. They make sure that I am comfortable and walk me through every step of the way. All staff are kind!” – Michaelangelo, age 13, June 2021

“I always look forward to going to my appointments. I’m getting a great smile while dealing with gentle hands from all the staff and laughing from all their quirkiness and lovely personalities. Great team!! Thanks guys!” – Kristin, age 36, March 2021

“They are very nice and always very helpful.” – Rocky, age 36, March 2021

“They are very sweet and caring they always make sure you are comfortable and nothing is hurting. Overall I think there the best around here!!” – Austin, age 16, March 2021

“Everyone is so nice. They make me feel comfortable. I'm thankful because I have braces now and I couldn't have done it without them.” – Ava, age 12, November 2020

“They are really nice and care about you. Whenever I go in there I always feel so welcome and they aren’t super rough on my mouth and they give me useful tips and trick to use to clean my braces better. I would recommend this place to everyone I know.” – Abigail, age 14, January 2021

“This is a very nice place, full of smiles and happiness.” – Bryce, age 12, March 2021

“We have loved Dr. Laura so far. She is always punctual and so helpful. We are grateful that she comes out to Mountain Home once a week! Only orthodontist in town who does that!” – Shannon, September 2020

“Everyone was super nice and explained everything. I was excited yet nervous at the same time. The staff was helpful and very kind to me and relaxed me about the whole thing.” – Lainee, age 12, August 2020

“We love all of our friends at Lineberry Orthodontics! Thank you for being friendly and compassionate. We appreciate you!” – Liberty, age 12, September 2020

“Dr. Laura and her team were AWESOME! We came for a second opinion and were very impressed with the knowledge and technology that Dr. Laura offers.” – Laura, age 42, August 2020

“Lineberry Orthodontics is very efficient and quick. I got professional treatment from very nice people. 10/10 would recommend.” – Aspen, age 17, August 2020

“Everyone at Lineberry Orthodontics is really nice and helpful!!! They all act and show that they love their job!!!!” – Alexia, age 13, June 2020

“The staff is amazing and so friendly! My daughter was so excited but nervous at the same time. The staff made her feel relaxed and so welcomed.” – Nicole, age 33, July 2020

“I love this place! I just got braces a little over a month ago, and I love their customer service! The employees are so nice and very helpful! Would totally recommend!” – Lexi, age 14, March 2020

“Lineberry Orthodontics is an amazing place to get your braces. Everyone is very nice and my process with braces so far has been beyond amazing. I recommend anyone to go here who wants braces.” – Lalah, age 16, February 2020

“My daughter looks forward to her appointments—that says a lot!” – Erin, December 2019

“It was very relaxed and calmed environment.” – Micah, age 15, December 2019

“We have been very happy with Lineberry! My daughter looks forward to going and says she really loves the one in Boise because they have ice cream. HAHA! The staff is great!” – Trina, age 34, December 2019

“I was scared about getting braces but they were gentle and kind and now I like going!” – Matthew, age 11, November 2019

“Dr. Lineberry is great! She is always kind and professional. Flexible with appointments.” – Ellie, age 16, October 2019

“Dr. Lineberry is an expert in creating the perfect smile. She works efficiently while explaining her process. All of the techs are kind and treat the patients professionally. Definitely recommend.” – Giana, age 10, September 2019

“Dr. Lineberry gives great care. The office staff is friendly and efficient. Highly recommend. We love that they have an office in Mountain Home, making office visits local and easy for us.” – Emily, age 19, June 2019

“Lineberry Orthodontics is a great place! Everyone's very friendly and they tell you exactly what they are doing every time they change something up with your braces.” – Taylor, age 16, March 2019

“Lineberry Orthodontics is a great place. They have great treatment plans, and the staff is very friendly. My smile is much better than it was before thanks to Lineberry Orthodontics. I would recommend this place to anyone who is planning on getting braces.” – Mirabella, age 15, March 2019

“Very friendly people there. During the process of getting my braces on, I was told everything that she was doing and using on my teeth. She was super helpful and explained everything and made sure all my questions were answered. I love the overall feeling of being there because all the people there make you feel so welcome.” – Keirstan age 16, February 2019