What Sets Us Apart

Simulated Outcome i-Tero Scan Center

This is the future of Orthodontics! Yes you heard that right. We can show you a rough draft of what your finished, straight, bright smile will look like at the end of your treatment during your FIRST consultation. How exciting, not only will you get knowledge on what needs to happen to get your teeth smile ready but you can actually see it for yourself. Dr. Laura believes in this technology so much that it is included in your complimentary consultation; just ask your treatment coordinator!

In House Lab

Lineberry Orthodontics prides itself on convenient and precise orthodontic care. Dr. Laura’s in house lab achieves this because it allows for quick turn around on retainers, appliances, and anything that she needs to build for your mouth. We know how important your personal time is and time at work at school. We can make an appointment for records of an appliance and get you out the door with it in hand the same day.  Having an in house lab also means better, more precise treatment for your smile. With our lab technician on site, it allows Dr. Laura and her assistant’s great communication that enhances our patients smile. Read more about Kim our Lineberry Orthodontics Lab Tech on the meet the team page.


What better way to end an orthodontic appointment than with a nice cold bowl of ice cream? Dr. Laura and her team know that some appointments can take longer and be more strenuous than others. We want this experience to be fun and enjoyable for your entire family so come have a bowl on us.


HUH? Let us explain….Do you want results FAST?? Of course!  This Orthodontic device can achieve that for you. All you have to do is add 5 minutes to your nighttime routine. Dr. Laura incorporated this high-frequency vibration (HFV) product line by Propel Orthodontics into her practice in 2018. The goal is to allow patients to be able to move through orthodontic treatment faster and pain free.  Ask us for more details during your complimentary consultation.

3D CBCT Technology

Dr. Laura believes that all patients deserve the latest technology that will soon be the standard of care.  3D imaging technology using the i-CAT allows Dr. Laura to get a complete picture of your teeth and all of the surrounding structures, head and neck instead of attempting to make a complete and accurate diagnosis off of a flat x-ray.  Dr. Laura can also do an airway analysis to help determine if a patient should be evaluated for sleep apnea and decide if an oral appliance is indicated.  

Lineberry Esthetics offers Botox®, Juvéderm® and Obagi

At Lineberry Esthetics, we believe that a youthful look begins with a healthy-looking smile. But it doesn’t end with the orthodontic services we provide at our office. That is why we are proud to provide Botox and Juvéderm to compliment your dazzling smile.  We also carry Obagi and are available to give you expert advice on the use of this great product line.